Deja Vu Showgirls

One of the wildest party mecca’s on the planet has to be be the glimmering City of New Orleans. And most importantly is it’s world famous French Quarter that teem’s with live entertainment, Cajun eateries and fully-blown gentlemen’s clubs. And right at the top of Louisiana sin-bin’s is none other than the prominent Déjà Vu of New Orleans, offering it’s patrons a visit that will always be remembered.
Located in the 200 block of the world famous Bourbon Street, the NOLA Vu’ boast’s three pulsating stages on it’s spacious main floor. Club capacity stretches its legs at just over 275, and is certain to engulf your entire entourage. Here you will also find a massive sit-down bar manned with several mixologist’s that will whip you up your favorite cocktail with lightning speed. Not far from the bar is a VIP lounge containing it’s own private stage. This is a wonderful place to dance one of the 75+ entertainers or grab a vintage cigar from the club’s gigantic, cherrywood humidor. Absinthe, you are in the right place.

Upstairs, you will encounter several VIP/Champagne Suites and the Bourbon Street Balcony. The comfortable suites assure you the utmost privacy with your most desired showgirl companion and are guaranteed to take your breath away. On the other hand, the Bourbon Street Balcony is a great place to get some air and catch your breath after some close encounters of the best kind!strip club Las Vegas
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