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Deja Vu Showgirls presents Voodoo Burlesque

I want to personally welcome you to Deja Vu Show Girls Presents Voodoo Burlesque.
You may call me Dominique Youx The Vampire King of New Orleans, and this is my Club.

Through the centuries I have gone by many names.
I first was known as the legendary Knight Lancelot. In my youth I failed to honor my King and I dishonored myself by falling to the seduction of Guinevere. I left Camelot and took up the task of finding The Holy Grail.
In my search I came upon a woman of such beauty and cunning as I had ever met, The original Vampire Cleopatra.
She seduced me and I became her companion for 200 years, abandoning my quest. As I grew in strength as a Vampire I realized
that my life was ruled by women and I would have none of from then on. I left The Queen of The Night and proceeded to forge my own destiny.

I took up residence in Scotland and fought for the independence of that nation as The Warrior William Wallace. The time came to bury the human vestiges of William Wallace and I let myself be taken by the English. I slipped away once in London and the legend of William Wallace lives to this day.
The next time I revealed myself to the world was in 1448 as a General in the army of Vlad Tepes. We fought side by side for years in numerous battles.
When all seemed lost I revealed my true self to Vlad and offered him a way to reign forever over the night, thus I birthed Dracula.

I remained in the shadows for over 350 years only to emerge and offer my fighting skills to a New Emperor Napoleon. I fought for this man with all I had.
I went to America at his command and with some comrades we became Pirates. We preyed on the shipping in The Gulf of Mexico and became wealthy.
War with England came to America again and we were offered pardons by Andrew Jackson to fight in the Battle of New Orleans.
When discussing the victory in New Orleans General Jackson said I had shown uncommon gallantry and skill in the field.

Having witnessed amazing horrors that I helped bring upon man I made a vow never to feed on humans again, so in 1830 I buried the remains of Dominique Youx.
At my funeral my compatriot The Legendary Pirate Jean Lafitte said “Fearless warrior on land and on wave, he could watch without trembling the end of the World”.
Now is the time to reveal myself again to the World for the last time as I take my place as The Vampire King of New Orleans.